Black Dog Red Dog (2015)

An Anthology Feature Film.  USA / 72min / Rabbit Bandini Productions

Based on the life and work of poet Stephen Dobyns.

Writers/Directors: Adriana Cepeda, James Franco, Anastasia Frank, Pedro Gómez Millán, Zachary Kerschberg, Brian Lannin, Leonora Lonsdale, Jon Matthews, Charles Rogers, Isabella Wing-Davey
Cast: Logan Marshall-Green, Chloe Sevigny, Olivia Wilde, Whoopi Goldberg, James Franco, Tim Blake Nelson
Producer: Vince Jolivette, Julie Buck, Edward Bass, Shruti Ganguly
Editor: Daniel Garcia, Pedro Gomez Millan

VICTROLA and BACK ( two short films written and directed by Isabella Wing-Davey) for the collaborative, multi-director feature film, BLACK DOG RED DOG, produced by James Franco's Rabbit Bandini Productions

BDRD: Behind the Scenes, a making of series

Episode 3: A read though with James Franco and the rest of the writer/directors:

Episode 7: BTS of the BACK shoot: